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सुख भरी नींद का सपना

सुख भरी नींद का सपना – एक नया बिदेसिया      — अनिल गोयल “हियाँ के गाँव और गाँवन के जैसे नईं लगत ऐं!” खिड़की के बाहर तेजी से भागते, पीछे छूटते मकानों, दुकानों, खलिहानों...

Where Time is Non-Existent / Sanjiv Bobby Desai

As I waited with Tripti, I looked around at all the rest of the passengers waiting with us. Some were squatting and smoking, some chattering, some busy on their phones, some cooing and chatting with the baby and her mother. 15 minutes of this. Once the driver announced the all clear, we all got back into the jeep and set off again

The Prosaic Names the Profound

Vibrancy comes not from creating something new and novel all the time, but in the unchanging ways we have adapted ourselves into.   The ordinary is the one that creates the true promise of the………

The Dance of the Hyperbole

Let us not even once, then, discount these as mere undecorated flecks, but as gigantic astronomical atoms, that pinpoint to the immense creativity and churning in the human mind.  If just one of these little mites gets charged, we create a gigantic reaction in our minds.  That chemical reaction is sure to explode, not to destroy but ….