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Folk Dances of India: Kathakali

Kathakali is a major classical dance form from Ancient India. It is a “story play” of art that includes elaborate, colourful makeup, beautiful mesmerizing costumes and face masks traditionally performed by male dancers. It is a Hindu folk dance performed in the Malayalam speaking southwest region of Kerala. Kathakali combines drama, dance, music, storytelling, costumes, makeup and devotion into a divided experience. It brings humanity into Hinduism and expresses emotions beyond words.

The Music and the Muse / Prateeksha Sharma

An Identity for Kumar Gandharva Kumar Gandharva  (L) In Full Bloom   (R) Younger Day This paper is an attempt to trace two aspects of creative artists: ‘Bildungsroman’ (novel of formation) and ‘Künstlerroman’ (novel of...

Discourses on Music / Prateeksha Sharma

    Music- A Path to Wholeness The author practicing on the Veena Music is the essence of life, spirit and creation. To understand our musical selves is the beginging of our journey to becoming...

Music in Healing Discourses on Music -6 Prateeksha Sharma

Music appeals to the emotional side of the human nature. Music stirs, births, expresses, fires, harnesses, channelizes and tempers emotions. Music precedes the development of language as a form of expression. That is because...