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निर्जन कारावास

समीक्षक — अनिल गोयल हिन्दी में मूल नाटकों के अभाव की बात सदैव से कही जाती रही है. ऐसे में किसी नये नाटक का आना अवश्य ही स्वागत-योग्य कहा जायेगा! ‘जयवर्धन’ के नाम से...

प्रेम रामायण

लेखक: अनिल गोयल महरषि वाल्मीकि की रामायण ने पिछले लगभग सात-आठ हजार वर्षों में कितने ही रूप धारे हैं. हर काल में वाल्मीकि–रचित इस महाकाव्य को हर कोई अपने तरीके से सुनाता चला आया...

SO YOU GET WHAT YOU WISH a play by Gouri Nilakantan

SO YOU GET WHAT YOU WISHA Children’s Play by Gouri Nilakantan(For performing this play, read the corollary at the bottom) CharactersZooli/Mr Anthony LoboFreeman/rahulWise guy/ RohitFullon-rockon/ Puskar (Anthony lobo enters the stage. He has a...

Folk Theatre of India: Koothu

The term Koothu refers to two performing arts viz. Terukuttu and Kattaikkuttu. In contemporary times, the two terms have an interchangeable usage. However, in medieval times, the two terms referred to two entirely different dramatics art forms. Kattaikkuttu consists of performances that take place overnight at a stationary fixed place. Terukuttu often refers to mobile and non-stationary performances that usually take place in a procession.


A CRITICAL REVIEW By Dr. Payal Trivedi Well, any theatre performance is meant to entertain is an understatement today because we have all come to terms with the fact that theatre is much more...


Folk Theatre of India: Jatra

Sri Chaitanya, a prominent saint during the Bhakti moment is credited to be the inventor and the promoters of this music enriched form of theatre. It is widely believed that the first spectacle of the play was also done by Sri Chaitanya wherein he played the role of the Rukmini in the play, Rukmini Haran (the play was based on a story in the life of Lord Krishna).