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आपदा-काल में भास का सहारा

‘आपदा को अवसर में बदलना’ – आजकल यह उक्ति प्रायः सुनने को मिल जाती है. आज के समय की जीवित स्मृति में सबसे बड़ी आपदा रही करोना. सब लोग अपने-अपने घरों के अन्दर बन्द...

Bookmark: New Age Theories for Architectural Practice by Prof. Sagar Desai

Preface by the Author
It gives me great pleasure to introduce this book for Architecture students studying Professional Practice. Often, I have observed that the professor in the class keeps talking about contracts although he may be explaining it very well but the students does not seem to understand. After thorough introspection I realized that its now time to add few more topics to the entire subject like, to understand contract and its formation better. One needs to understand what a company is? What banking and financial markets are?

Charan Das Sidhu

About Charan Das Sidhu and his Plays by Manohar Khushalani

This article was supposed to be a book review, but because one had known the playwright, Dr. Charan Das Sidhu, so intimately, the personal note is unavoidable. My mind races back to 1978 when I started my theatre career with Badal Sircar’s ‘There is No End’ an English rendition of his Bengali play ‘Shesh Nei’ directed by Tejeshwar Singh. Amongst the elite IIC Theatre Club audience was a stocky, dark, bespectacled professor of English from Hans Raj College, Delhi University, who spoke in what I later came to know as his irreverently rude but affectionate style