Radha Rayasam was born in Bangalore, India. Her father was a Senior Bank Manager and his job meant moving every few years when he got a ‘transfer.’ Radha picked up several languages and absorbed the cultures and food every time her family moved. Radha was raised by her maternal grandmother to whom she was very close. Radha’s father and grandmother are no more. Radha is the only daughter. Radha got married to Sai Ram in an arranged marriage and moved to USA. The couple have two young boys. Radha Worked for a while as a teacher. She has completed her courses in Montessori, Child Psychology, and Child Nutrition. Radha is pursuing her studies in Molecular Biology. Radha had made a few cooking videos for her friends and cousins living across the globe. The videos have been enormously successful.

Radha’s mission is to encourage everybody to eat right.According to her, Nutrition is the key to a healthy and happy life. Eating food in a timely manner is very important to maintain the delicate balance of the body. Radha strongly believes that Food is medicine. Eating the right foods in appropriated portions is very healing and life giving.