Anisha Shekhar Mukherji graduated from the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, before working on a range of architectural and conservation projects with Katakam and Sachdeva Architects and later with the Group for Rural and Urban Planning in Delhi. Her particular area of research and expertise is Mughal history, particularly of the period of Shah Jahan. Her post-graduate thesis on the ‘Spatial Conservation of the Delhi Red Fort’, at the De Montfort University, Leicester, U.K. where she went on an Overseas Development Association Scholarship, formed the basis for her book on The Red Fort of Shahjahanabad, published by Oxford University Press in 2003.

Anisha works selectively as a conservation consultant, architectural historian and an independent researcher, within the ambit of being a full-time mother to her five year old daughter. She also teaches as visiting faculty at the School of Planning and Architecture. Her work is guided by the conviction that history has as much to do with the present as the past, and that the well-being of crafts-people is as important as the conservation of the monuments and artifacts that are a testimony to their crafts-skills.