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AstroVish to Manohar Khushalani: Will This Covid Nightmare Ever End?

in December 2019, in the earths horoscope, all the planets were on one side of the vertical axis and Rahu was on the opposite side – hence creating strong negative effects of COVID 19. Why then the second wave has come, and will it ever go or are we doomed to suffer til eternity as wave after wave strikes us with Covid 19/20/21….Watch the Discussion

Aradhana’s Pacific Adventures with Crustaceans

Her name is Aradhana and she is a prospective 7th grader at the International School of Panama. Her most prevalent learned behavior during these initial months of Covid-19 has been “Science Curiosity”, be it in Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Zoology. We were pleasantly surprised when she was recognized as ISP’s “Most Independent Thinking Student in Grade 6”.

A Sinister flight! Poem by Aneeta Chitale

I was a happy bird….with greatWings to fly …thousands of milesIn open skies…..in cloudy palletsI flew in seamless oceansAcross the seven seas andFive continents….in peace!I knew I was the best chosenBy The Creator….God! Almighty!...