AstroVish to Manohar Khushalani: Will This Covid Nightmare Ever End?


According to Astro Vish alias Vishwanath Hiremath: Due to Kaal Sarp Dosh in December 2019, in the earths horoscope, all the planets were on one side of the vertical axis and Rahu was on the opposite side – hence creating strong negative effects of COVID 19. Why then the second wave has come, and will it ever go or are we doomed to suffer til eternity as wave after wave strikes us with Covid 19/20/21….Watch the Discussion

Once again, explains Astro Vish, Kaal Sarp Dosh for horoscope of INDIA and South East Asia, planet alignment started in February 2021. What is Kaal Sarp Dosh? All planets on one side of the Axis, Ketu or Rahu on the other side of the axis are known as Kaal Sarp Dosh. As of now Ketu is forming the Kaal Sarp Dosh for India. Also Planet Mars along with Rahu in Taurus sign. Two enemies together adds to the worst scenario Planet Venus in enemy sign Aries Debilitated Mercury in Pisces Little relief after transit of Jupiter in Aquarius on 6th April though still in an enemy sign. Until most planets align and be in friendly signs this will continue …. wait till June to see better results.

Kal Sarp Dosh
Kal Sarp Dosh

In the Matrix as we all know the binary numbers zero and one were found by our Rishis in our Vedas. Vedic Astrology has been in our Shastras since ancient times. The science of astrology from our Vedas comes from Rishis, ancient texts more than 5000 years ago if not more…. Our Indian Mythology has historic stories of our gods and planets, their relationships with each other. Each planet is a living character in Indian mythology. Along with The study of nine planets only in vedic astrology we consider Rahu and Ketu in astrology. Vishwanath combines these three sciences to calculate and interpret the horoscopes. The stories of Shani Dev his relationship with his father SUN. Chaya Suns wife … shadow gave birth to Shani dev he was not accepted by his father. The epic stories of Lord Shiva and Shani dev who was made the supreme judge by Lord Shiva for all souls, he is called Karam fal daata… Lord of kaal… time . Why Mars and Venus are enemies. Moon angered Jupiter for having an affair with his wife. many epic dramas enfold… hence the placement of the planets in the charts and their relationship with each other the degrees of the zodiacs within their chart cause issues created in the horoscope. Our karmas play a vital role also. Law of karma… Climate change has started affecting us we must wake up to the wrath of NATURE…. surrender to nature, keep the balance. Stay safe
Disclaimer: Astrology is an ancient art of analyzing planetary positions, birth charts. It is speculative and has its limitation. This post and video are provided for entertainment purposes only. The Author, Astrovish (Vishwanath Hiremath) is not responsible if you are not entertained by it. You are responsible for your own life choices and decisions. The author is not qualified to give legal, financial, medical, psychological, psychiatric or any other specialist advice. If you require such advice you should seek the services of a licensed professional.

Radheka Shrinagesh Hiremath and Vishwanath Hiremath

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Vishwanath Hiremath

Vishwanath Hiremath

AstroVish - Vishwanath Hiremath has an infinite fascination for Lord Saturn● Shani Dev. He would drive from Goa to Pune then Shanishinganapur carring Honey, Oil, bananas, Dry fruits, Mithai for his worship n prays every Saturday for 5 years. It all started with a book gifted to him "The Greatness of Saturn " by Robert Svoboda. Deep studies of 11years. A gifted vedic astrologer combines Indian Mythology, Planets n Blessing of Lord Saturn

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5 Responses

  1. astrovish astrovish says:

    Mohanji yes its about karma and nature is retaliating back humans need to slow down and surrender to mother nature

  2. Avatar Mohan Himthani says:

    Good evening Manoharji,…nice to see you. Interview interesting one to know all want to say “..cosmos …nature ..human going against each other actually”

  3. Avatar Susmita says:

    Interesting conversation. Glad to know about jal neti and also that Covid 19 will vanish by April 22!

    • astrovish astrovish says:

      Sushmitaji you are right. jal neti in saline warm water removes toxins in the inner passage of nostril where the virus enters and resides before entering the rest of the body. Thank you for your support and encouragement.
      April 2022 due to the transit of Saturn in Aquarius the virus should slow down.

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