Power of Saturn by Vishwanath Hiremath (Astro Vish)


Shani Jayanti ie. Saturns birthday was on 10th June 2021 and Solar Eclipse also happened on 10th of June this year. The two Astral Events coincided on the same day so the effects of eclipse could not be strong due to father and son relationship. And a supposedly Malefic event became Benign. To explain this feature I would like to relate an ancient Allegorical folk tale.

Planet sun is married to Sandhya and has two children Yamraj and Yamuna, Sandhya couldn’t take the heat being near to Sun  so she leaves her shadow (chaya) and goes away to her father vishwakarma  warning chaya not to let planet sun know that Sandhya is not here (Lord Saturn) Shani planet God is born to planet Sun & Chaya (shadow)  whilst Chaya was pregnant she was too confused handling the secret that she was the shadow of Sandhya and not the actual wife, Sandhya, of planet Sun. Sandhya ran away due to that burning heat of planet Sun and she being a shadow Lord Saturn was born very dark, So planet Sun doubted about Chaya that it can’t be his child due to dark complexion and didn’t accept him as his son, Saturn quickly gazed at his father and turned him to be dark skinned. Readers would wonder how a bright face like that of Sun can be described as dark. One must not forget that sun has dark spots called Solar spots and they or on Sun’s surface (skin) only. You see Saturn is blessed by Lord Shiva big time due to his mother’s devotion to Lord Shiva. Saturn goes to Lord Shiva for injustice done by his father by not accepting him as his son, Lord Shiva gives him a boon saying Lord Saturn you will be the Supreme Judge for all the three WORLD’S from now on. This is the reason we all face sadesati 7 and a half years of Saturn.
Saturn didn’t even spare Lord Shiva during his sadesati who went on to cut Ganesha’s head and replace to a elephant trunk, without Saturns help Lord Rama could not have killed Raavana.
Happy tears of Lord Shiva which fell on this planet and rudraksh sprang is also reason by Saturn.
Believe me wherever there is injustice Saturns role comes in.
Keep doing good Karmas and be grateful 
As narrated by Vishwanath Hiremath (Astro Vish) to
Radheka Shrinagesh Hiremath Writer  

Vishwanath Hiremath

Vishwanath Hiremath

AstroVish - Vishwanath Hiremath has an infinite fascination for Lord Saturn● Shani Dev. He would drive from Goa to Pune then Shanishinganapur carring Honey, Oil, bananas, Dry fruits, Mithai for his worship n prays every Saturday for 5 years. It all started with a book gifted to him "The Greatness of Saturn " by Robert Svoboda. Deep studies of 11years. A gifted vedic astrologer combines Indian Mythology, Planets n Blessing of Lord Saturn

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