“The Ist Issue: Innovative Storytelling Journey”


Biswajit Das, a filmmaker who has not only revolutionised storytelling in the film industry, mostly documentary films, but also continues to make a profound impact on the creative community. His film ‘March’ a testament to his innovative style, captivated audiences and earned him the prestigious Best Director award at the Chalachitram National Film Festival. This recognition is not just a testament to the power of his unique approach, but also a source of inspiration for all of us in the creative community.

Biswajit Das’s latest venture, ‘The First Issue, March 24,’ is not just a monthly publication, but a groundbreaking platform that breaks new ground in storytelling. This innovative magazine is a treasure trove of one-page graphic stories, with the first issue boasting twenty-seven tales that span a diverse spectrum of themes and tones. From heartwarming to thought-provoking, there’s something unique and intriguing to pique the interest of every reader.

Within graphic fiction, visual designs play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative experience. The illustrations’ content, design elements, placement, and skilful use of various tones all contribute to developing and enhancing the central theme and narrative pattern. Biswajit Das curated a selection of one-page stories for the magazine, allowing readers to immerse themselves in a dynamic interplay of words and visuals. This unique approach to storytelling promises to take the reader on a journey like no other.

While most of the stories seamlessly blend graphics and narratives, creating a harmonious synergy, some stories in the magazine embrace a more poetic form, transcending traditional storytelling conventions. Additionally, the publication features an Assamese tale, adding a touch of linguistic diversity to its pages.

However, there are a few areas that could benefit from further refinement. The typography could be more prominent and visually appealing in specific stories, enhancing the reading experience. Moreover, the author’s names could be displayed more prominently, ensuring due recognition for their contributions.

‘The First Issue, March 24’ is not just a milestone for Biswajit Das but also a testament to the collaborative spirit and unity of the creative community. This groundbreaking project has brought together the talents of Hrishitonoy Dutta, Bulbul Das, Raghu Sinha, and Biswadeep, each contributing their unique artistic and creative expertise to the magazine’s diverse content. Their collective efforts have truly made this magazine a masterpiece, reflecting the strength and unity of our creative community.

Utpal Datta

Utpal Datta

Utpal Datta, a distinguished figure in the realms of film criticism, authorship, and filmmaking, has garnered acclaim for his multifaceted contributions. Honored with a National Award for his outstanding film writing, his short films have graced the screens of significant film festivals, including the prestigious Indian Panorama at IFFI. His book on film appreciation has earned recognition, securing esteemed positions within the university syllabi of various academic institutions. Presently, he is a Professor of Practice at Assam down town University. Email: utpal91@gmail.com

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Heera Tamuli says:

    One Page graphic stories are an exciting way to express one’s ideas and this initiative hopes to bring more storytellers together

  2. Avatar Neeta says:

    Young mind with vivid subjects can drive the art world to see new field..take me high on this venture with wings

  3. Avatar PL.Narasimham says:

    Graphic fiction and visual designs render a rare combination of story telling that enthuses the reader to delve into more such delights.

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