Author: Raj Ayyar


Every Human is an artist

Every human is an artist, a storyteller with a unique point of view.When we see ourselves as artists, we no longer feel the need to impose our views on others or to defend what...

Barun Chanda’s Murder in the Monastery: A Mini Review / Raj Ayyar

Yet it vanishes leaving a distraught abbot, tense monks running around, and two murders linked to the missing manuscript.
Chanda, unlike Dan Brown, manages a credible, minimalist diplomatic secularism–though the murderer is s hired goon of some Christian sect or other, Chanda does not point fingers at the Catholic church or Opus Dei, a la Brown in ‘The Da Vinci Code’.
I liked the erotic undercurrents in the novel overall–the steamy one-night stand between Miriam the fair-skinned Coorgi Catholic nun novice and Tenzing, the fully grown adolescent Buddhist monk novice, is deliberately understated and leaves the reader’s pornographic imagination to fill in the details.

The film ‘Manto’–A Review by Raj Ayyar

‘I am a walking, talking Bombay.’ ‘Saadat Hasan Manto, RIP. He lies in that grave, wondering: Who is the greater storyteller? God or Manto?’ –Saadat Hasan Manto. I enjoyed watching the biopic ‘Manto’,  A great...