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Being Human The Play

An Opportunity to Look East – IIC Experience | Manohar Khushalani

During the North East fest on Monday, the 29th October, at the Fountain Lawns, the audience was confronted by a disturbing solo performance by actor director, Lapdiang Syiem from Meghalaya, called A Being Human. Earlier on the same day we had a presentation by Soli Roy about a Manipuri play, Crimson Rainclouds, written by his own mother, Sahitya Akademi Awardee, Binodini Devi


Diary of Anne Frank – a review by Manohar Khushalani

This is recreation of a review Manohar Khushalani wrote in Dec 2000: Ruchika Theatre Group is one of the oldest surviving theatre groups of Delhi. The reason is simple. It keeps regenerating itself. The Diary of Anne Frank was one such exercise in which, Feisal Alkazi, the director of the play, used an entirely inexperienced cast, inducted from the Little Actors Club. Obviously, therefore, there would be unevenness of talent, but viewed within those limitations The show put up at India Habitat Centre last week held together due to sheer sincerity of effort and excellent performance


An Ode to Sushant | Renu Mal

In April, Sushant had deleted all his old pictures that he had posted since he created his account on Instagram. Yet nobody had time to look imto his trauma. Read the touching Ode Renu Mal has dedicated to his memory

Barun Chanda’s Murder in the Monastery: A Mini Review / Raj Ayyar

Yet it vanishes leaving a distraught abbot, tense monks running around, and two murders linked to the missing manuscript.
Chanda, unlike Dan Brown, manages a credible, minimalist diplomatic secularism–though the murderer is s hired goon of some Christian sect or other, Chanda does not point fingers at the Catholic church or Opus Dei, a la Brown in ‘The Da Vinci Code’.
I liked the erotic undercurrents in the novel overall–the steamy one-night stand between Miriam the fair-skinned Coorgi Catholic nun novice and Tenzing, the fully grown adolescent Buddhist monk novice, is deliberately understated and leaves the reader’s pornographic imagination to fill in the details.

Jashnebachpan: Puberty

  Puberty Director: Sachithra Rahubadda Group: Red Apple International Theatre Gathering, Sri Lanka Language: Non-Verbal Duration: 45 Minutes About the Group Red Apple Theatre Gathering seeks to develop appreciative skills in youth and children...

Jashnebachpan: Ichhapuran

Ichhapuran Writer: Rabindranath Tagore Director: Rajesh Bakshi Group: Theatre Actor Studio, Delhi Language: Hindi Duration: 1 hr About the Group Theatre Actor Studio has been participating in children’s workshops for a long time now....

Jashnebachpan: How Cow Now Cow

  How Cow Now Cow Director: Vinod Ravindran Group: Sandbox Collective, Bangalore Language: English Duration: 1hr About the Group Sandbox Collective is a creative services organisation that curates, produces and tours performances. It acts...