Doosra Aadmi Doosri Aurat staged to Explore the Complexities of Marriage


Doosra Aadmi Doosri Aurat staged to Explore the Complexities of Marriage

Human life is strange as well as complex and so is the relationship between man and woman. You never know who you fall in love with, how, when and why.

The play Doosra Aadmi Doosra Aurat by Natsamrat was staged on 18 August 2023 at Black Canvas (LTG Auditorium), Copernicus Marg, Mandi House, New Delhi. Written by Vibha Rani, directed by Rajesh Bakshi &  Creative Director  Shyam Kumar.

The story revolves around Shoma Das, who moves to Mumbai for a job and is attracted to her office colleague Sambhav Singh.  A sense of stagnation in their respective marital lives brings them together. Slowly realizing that she is ‘just another woman’ for Sambhav, drives Soma into a frenzy. The relationship which shines for some time starts to fade. The play ends with Shoma coming back to her life, where she finds happiness and satisfaction in her responsibility towards her daughter and finally sees Sambhav as nothing more than a friend.

As the chief guest in the play, Sh. Arvind Kumar Director (Administration) of the Ministry of Culture and Shyam Kumar, director of Natsamrat, welcomed him with memento and a Shawl.

Shoma Das enactment by Mun Mun and Sambhav by Rajesh Bakshi made the audience laugh and cry with their performances. Someone said that while watching the play, the scenes that happened in his life started coming to the fore.

Despite the bold theme of the play, the duo enthralled the audience with their realistic performances. The set design was effective in creating the atmosphere of the different locations.

Other cast members – as Waiter  Mohd. Zahid,  Lights designed by Azhar Khan, music by Vikrant, stage manager Shivangi Bhardwaj, stage arrangement by Sudhir Khanna, stage props by Rohit Prasad, props assistants Suraj Singh and Lokesh, makeup by Payal Rani and costumes by Rekha Joshi and Chhobi Saha and the stage assistant was done by Vansh Rathor & Abhishek.

Shraboni Saha

Shraboni Saha

Shraboni Saha is a famous theater artist, anchor and dramatist who has been in the Theatre world for the last 20 years. She has performed almost 20 plays in different stages in the country and abroad and has received a lot of love from the audience. Your post graduation has been done in Natyashastra, M.A. has done in Hindi, M.A. in Mass Communication. You have obtained a diploma in classical music and you have enthralled the audience with your singing in many plays. You have worked with many veteran theater directors. Being engaged with the theater for so many years, she understand the plays very well. And that's why she reviews the plays very well. You have been associated with Stage Buzz, Gurgaon Today Newspaper and Delhi Upto Date Newspaper for many years and does theater reviews.

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