Curtain Raiser: Based on Ramcharitmanas Aayam will present VAIDEHI this week

Shruti Verma

Aayam presents “Vaidehi,” offering a new voice to Sita. Aayam, a dedicated institute promoting the age-old tradition of Bharatanatyam, based in Delhi, will showcase a unique presentation of the magnum opus of Saint Tulsidas – Ramcharitmanas.

File Photo of Guru Sindhu Mishra as a dancer

Conceived and choreographed by Guru Smt. Sindhu Mishra, the aim is to bring out a creative spin on the Ramayana and explore the love and virtue of Sita. Shruti Verma, a senior disciple of Guru Sindhu Mishra, will present this unique storytelling through her honed skills within the vocabulary of Bharatanatyam. The performance, scheduled for 6 pm on April 20th at LTG Auditorium in New Delhi, will mark Shruti’s debut solo performance. It promises to be a fine blend of talent, tradition, and artistic innovation.

The performance will include a distinguished live orchestra, with Shri G Elangovan on Carnatic vocals and flute, Shri Nitin Sharma on Hindustani vocals, Shri Sachin Sharma on the tabla, and Dr. Ramamurthy Kesavan on the mridangam. Nattuvangam will be by Guru Smt. Sindhu Mishra. Shruti Verma, a committed dancer and an undergraduate in computer science, has been performing with her troupe at major festivals and stages, promising to be a passionate and bright dancer. She will portray the myriad perspectives and emotions of Sita, all culminating in her undying, steadfast love for Lord Rama, bringing out colors from the Ramcharitmanas that were previously unknown.

Guru Smt. Mishra distinguished herself as a performer in the classical milieu under the guidance of eminent Gurus Shri KN Dakshinamoorthy, Shri KJ Govindarajan, and Smt. Kamalini Dutt. She emerged as a choreographer with a unique and compelling style and played a vital role in conceiving, organizing, and choreographing high-profile events and festivals across the country. The recipient of awards and fellowships from the central and state governments, she is also the founder of Aayam, a cultural society that has nurtured a new generation of not just dancers but artists.

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  1. Avatar PL.Narasimham says:

    Great going! Bharata Natyam – culturally being amalgamated with Shri Ram Charit Maanas…to enthrall a mixed audience – pan India! Good efforts by the promoters, artistes and the learned Gurus. My congratulations. Would like to see the review – post-event.

  2. Very Nice and beautiful
    Ram Ram

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