Unveiling the Untold: Felicity Theatre’s ‘Humare Ram’ Takes India by Storm


Felicity Theatre’s unprecedented presentation of the play “Humare Ram”. Today the whole of India is rejoicing over the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya, at the same time Rahul Bhuchar brought the play ” Humare Ram” to the audience. It is written by Rahul Bhuchar and Naresh Kavayan and directed by Gaurav Bhardwaj. Very beautiful music was used in the play. The songs were written by Alok Srivastava and Ramkumar Singh and composed by Udbhav Ojha and Saurabh Mehta. Well-known Bollywood singer Shankar Mahadevan, Sonu Nigam, Kailash Kher and Ashutosh Rana gave voice to the songs.

This play is an epic in a way whose words have been beautifully woven into a garland. Felicity Theater director Rahul Bhuchar played the role of Shri Ram and well-known Bollywood actor Ashutosh Rana played the role of Ravana while Harleen Kaur Rekhi played the role of Mata Sita. Danish Akhtar was seen as Lord Hanuman, Tarun Khanna as Lord Shiva and Karan Sharma as Surya Dev.

While the audience got engrossed in devotion due to Ram’s dialogue, the audience applauded a lot after seeing the style of Ravana (Ashutosh Rana). While Kailash Kher’s voice created magic in the drama, Ashutosh Rana’s voice also created magic. The audience became engrossed in devotion with the voice of Sonu Nigam.

The special thing about ” Humare Ram” is that this drama exposed many hidden incidents of Ramayana which may not be known to many people. The story started from Luv and Kush’s perspective. All the scenes were shown very beautifully and the entire Ramayana was depicted in three hours. Be it the arrival of Sun God on the stage or the entry of Hanuman on the stage. Shurpanakha got a lot of applause for her acting. The light design was amazing with LEDs. The children played the role of monkeys who are very adept dancers and made their entry with a beautiful and energetic dance. Rahul Bhuchar had laid the foundation of this play two years ago, which came true today and this play got a lot of love from the audience.

The play “Hamare Ram” was staged at Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi from 25 to 28 January.

Shraboni Saha

Shraboni Saha

Shraboni Saha is a famous theater artist, anchor and dramatist who has been in the Theatre world for the last 20 years. She has performed almost 20 plays in different stages in the country and abroad and has received a lot of love from the audience. Your post graduation has been done in Natyashastra, M.A. has done in Hindi, M.A. in Mass Communication. You have obtained a diploma in classical music and you have enthralled the audience with your singing in many plays. You have worked with many veteran theater directors. Being engaged with the theater for so many years, she understand the plays very well. And that's why she reviews the plays very well. You have been associated with Stage Buzz, Gurgaon Today Newspaper and Delhi Upto Date Newspaper for many years and does theater reviews.

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