Apple Watch Series 1 Review




Apple Watch Series, the wearable technology lineup of Apple, that started in 2015 has become immensely popular among all the generation. With over 50% Market share, It has clearly dominated the wearable technology Sector. As long as you’re expecting iPhone tied convenience gadget, Apple watch is a fantastic piece of technology and is more focussed towards people who are fitness oriented.


The Apple Watch comes in 2 standard sizes : 38mm and 42mm , both are identical with the only difference in the screen resolution. Apple Watch starts from Rs.18994 onwards all the way to over 1 lakh depending upon the material you choose (Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Ceramic and Gold).


Apple Watch uses the OLED technology. With OLED only the pixels used are turned on, and fewer pixels equals less battery drain.


Personally after wearing it for a while I really loved that unlike other tech watches, it doesn’t feel heavy. Indeed with its gorgeous design, it also has that premium feeling that I really liked a lot


I don’t really use this feature quite a lot but apple do provide support for calling. The only downside is that you need to have iPhone within a certain range to make it functional.



This is one of the feature that I use quite frequently. The UI is pretty intuitive and with its seamless integration with the iPhone Music. I can easily listen up all my favourite tracks on the apple watch as well.


Equipped with the heart rate sensor, It automatically records my heartbeat, calories, step-count. Personally this is one of the best feature for someone who is a fitness freak and like to keep track of his/her health activities


The Mail functionality is pretty neat as it allows you to check mails on the go. It also notifies you with its Taptic engine whenever a new mail comes in.


The Messaging app in general is nice. It easily notifies you about any messages from any social platform such as WhatsApp, iMessage, Messenger etc. No Doubt, Apple Watch is a great piece of technology and after using it for a while I personally feel that although its is really useful in fitness related activities and in general as well. However the only drawback I do feel is that the battery runs out pretty quickly , therefore you need to charge it up in the night in-order to use it the next day but overall I really liked it.

Key Specifications

  • Internal Storage and RAM – 512 M | 8 GB
  • Water Resistance – IPX7 water resistant
  • Display – 390 x 312 pixels, 303 ppi OLED display
  • Display 3D Touch Support along with brightness upto 450 nits
  • Processor – Dual-core 520 MHz Cortex-A7 and Apple S1P Chip

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