Walking Away – Rajesh Kanoi


Walking Away

The little things that incense us so,
The seemingly big things that make us go
From here to there and in circles too
Will walk away one day like thieves do…
Suddenly, that which grips
Our poor beings so hard now
Will shake themselves off from the brow
And roll down some unseen cliff,
Disappearing for ever, and without a bow.
Why, then, must we allow ourselves
To be besotted by that which is nought?
Why do we our joys become hostage
To thoughts and ideas, desires and rage?
I shall walk away before they walk in,
I shall not let my head spin –
And though I might walk a lonely path
I will glow with joy, I will win
A war in which I alone shall fight
The demons of thoughts and ideas with might.
I’ll head into a world that is bright
Sometimes and sometimes I’ll walk
Into the night…

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