On Starvation and War Without Peace


Famine & War are Brothers Image: Tufts University

On Starvation

 She is eighteen 

An age to dance.

.. She knows not her age 

Her face wrinkled with sunlight and dust

 Once could have been pretty

 Now in her tattered clothes,

 With swollen belly lying on a street Begs in a broken bowl.

 The remaining one rupee Snatched by a rogue

 Tomorrow death may strike On an unknown street 

Tomorrow death may strike in any street

 Across the continents….

 Millions will starve Millions will die

 For want of food…

 Only one question will be asked to them 

By the prosperous “Go and search for work!” 


Woman Near the River

 Diverged distant dreams

 Shattered dreams 

Of life and beyond life 

Deaths seemed to be easy on them

 Dreams that are now non-existent. beneath the yellow sand of the riverbank 

Breaking sand, one could see …

Fossilized bodies of frozen women 

Bodies earlier drenched in red. 

By men

 Their men

 Our men

 Your men 

My men. 

War and No Peace

Do you want to know 

Meaning of Peace?


Read Kafka. 

If you want to know 

Of our powerlessness 


Read Camus.

If you want to know

About war


Listen to 

The music of

Ukrainian singers.
Rhythm of their instruments..

The songs are not melodies

They are  shrieks .

Instruments measure

the noise of the wreck….

And when  you really want to wail

Look at

Picture of

The Last Supper

Jesus will make you sob

He will make you cry…

Mandira Ghosh .

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5 Responses

  1. Avatar VIVEK HEMMADY says:

    Well composed poetry carrying a lot of meaning and hitting straight at the chords of emotion. The people who ought to read will never read this and it this will also remain a distant dream

  2. Avatar MMN Saxena says:

    The author of these poems has made me emotional

  3. Avatar Dr Sharmila Ray says:

    Beautiful specially war and peace.

  4. Avatar Dr. Sharmila Ray says:

    Beautiful specially war and peace.

  5. Avatar Bansi Dhameja says:

    Well composed well described reality making one think but the society remains unconcerned. The reason is that those who should read this will not.

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