New Delhi, November 26, 2017: The BMW Indian Open Polo Championship, the
oldest trophy at stake on the Indian Open Polo Circuit which got underway
in the capital on November 22 with the league rounds, culminated today into
the finals at the Jaipur Polo Ground, with the top two teams the Jindal
Panther and Sahara Warriors Achievers battling it out for the top honors.

Both teams were geared up to play the 117th year of the Prestigious IPA
trophy. Star players like Naveen Jindal, Satinder Garcha, Abhimanyu Pathak,
Shamsheer Ali, Mattew Perry won audience’s heart from the beginning.
Shamsheer Ali opened the scoreboard for Jindal Panther with his three quick
successive goals followed by Simran Singh Shergill scoring one. While,
Sahara Warriors Achievers could not open its account in the first chukkar.

The second and third chukkar saw Sahara Warriors Achievers opening with
Abhimanyu Pathak scoring the first goal for the team. Making the score, 3
goals to 1 with Jindal Panther leading from the second chukkar.

The third chukkar, twisted the game with 2 back to back goals for the team
with Abhimanyu Pathak again getting his third goal of the day while, Jindal
Panther’s Simran Singh Shergill could only manage to score one goal for
this team. A Similar scene was witnessed with another goal from Abhimanyu
Pathak, but Shamsheer Ali played stronger and scored two goals for his team
with one being a 30 -yard penalty . The end score of the forth chukkar was
7 goals to 5 with Jindal Panther all set to win another championship.

The fifth chukkar, was the nail biting round of the day. The stands were
packed with the crowd cheering for their respective teams as Sahara
Warriors Achievers made a surprising comeback scoring a sole goal in the
end of chukkar.

In the final chukkar, Sahara Warriors Achievers almost gave a scare to the
Jindal Panther , nicking in two more goals, scored by Abhimanyu Pathak and
Mattew Perry respectively. But, Italian Star Cutinelli Goffredo scored
three back to back goals for Jindals Panther, making them the most
anticipated winners. The final scoreline read 10-8 in favour of Jindal
Panther, making them champions of the BMW Indian Open Championship for
the second year in a row. The Most Valuable Player of the tournament
was un undoubtedly
Abhimanyu Pathak as he scored the maximum number of goals . And the Best
Polo Pony was won by Shamsheer Ali’s Elerstina.

Scorers for Jindal Panther: Shamsheer Ali (2) Simran Singh Shergill (2)
Cutinelli Goffredo (4)

Scorers for Sahara Warriors Achievers: Abhimanyu Pathak (7) Mattew Philip
Perry (1)

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