Geeta Chandran to Perform at IHC


rajivchan@gmail.comIHC/ has invited Dancer Geeta Chandran and her Natya Vriksha Dance Company to present ANEKANTA at the Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

The key leitmotif of Chandran’s ANEKANTA is that there are multiple
realities to every issue – cultural, political, social, economic and, in
fact, every aspect of life and living! ANEKANTA celebrates acceptance of
multiple truths, embracing diversity and of universal acceptance.

In group choreographies, Geeta Chandran views ANEKANTA through dramatic
dance strategies like an ALARIPPU presented in three speeds; of exploring
GRIHABHEDA through movement; and finding linkages between SOUND and
SILENCE! She also presents NABAGUNJARA, a thrilling episode from an Oriya

In her solo choreography, Geeta’s abhinaya will throw the spotlight on
RAVANA, King of Lanka, known in all three worlds as an exemplar Shiva
Bhakta. And yet, universally considered a monstrous villain. Yet, within
the Valmiki Ramayana itself, there is evidence that he was so much more.
And these shades offer the dancer an opportnuity to explore ANEKANTA within
the context of the Ramayana.

Music for ANEKANTA is designed by Geeta Chandran in close collaboration
with K. Venkateshwaran and Dr. S. Vasudevan. This lyrical music-scape is
further enhanced with rhythmic inputs by K. Sivakumar and Lalgudi Sri
Ganesh adding verve and vibrancy to the production.

Yet another path-breaking dance concept by Dancer GEETA CHANDRAN, ANEKANTA
aspires to bring valuable oxygen to the larger public discourse on
identity. It is a powerful artistic statement of Dancer Geeta Chandran who
has moved tradition forward with her strategic performances.

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