Neeraj Gupta Wins Silver in Florence Biennale


Sculptor Neeraj  Gupta became the first Indian artist to get the  Lorenzo il Magnifico SILVER  medal in sculpture in XIth Florence Biennale,  the second highest award of  an important art event of Europe.  The award is significant because it comes from the Birth Place and work place of the most important  artist of the history Michelangelo.

Michelangelo not only established the role of an artist in the society but also took the art to a new high. He proved that the best in the art is yet to come and demolished the myth that best art was created in Roman Era.

So this important award to an Indian sculptor improves the Image of India in terms of artistic capability on the international scene  but also proves that Indian are second to none intellectual and art areha also.

The award was also significant because there was a staff completion from more than 1000 participating artist from around 73 major nations. Their award will help put the contemporary Indian  art in international  focus.

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