By Sunil Sarpal

India takes on Bangladesh today. The on-going ICC World Cup, so far, has one and only hot favourate team i.e. INDIA.  Others look pale and out of sorts when facing INDIA.  At the moment, India is table toppers with 6 points from three wins.  The teams which  India beat were not minnos of the tournament but mighty stake holders for the trophy.  It was Australia first  then Afghanistan and recently Pakistan.  

India is basking under the glory of their batters’ performance.  All the batters on view seem to leave their impression that they deserve their spots and are indispensable for the side,  be it Rohit, Kohli, Rahul, Gill or Iyer.  They look so confidant that the bowling looks mediocre, leaving the bowlers hapless and vulnerable.    

Against Pakistan, Rohit single-handedly tore apart the attack, raining fours and sixes at will.  He meted out the same treatment to Afghanistan too.  His pull shot of fast bowlers is his swan song.  

Kohli plays his game in his inimical fashion.  His is the prized wicket that opposition looks forward to.  

KL Rahul too making his presence felt with his all-round authoritative stroke play.  

The batting line up is world class and in-form and presents a valid case to lift the trophy.  

In Bumrah and Siraj, India has the luxury of  the most lethal new ball attack, followed by equally versatile Pandya.  

In spin deptt.  both Kuldeep and Jadeja create in-roads during the middle overs.  

India surely is fortunate to have two of the best all rounders in the world –  Jadeja and Pandya.  

Astonishingly, India has the bench strength of Shami, Ashwin and Surya Kr Yadav.  But due to competition, they are not able to showcase  their skills which are world class.  

Since India ticks all the boxes, there is no room for opposition to sneak in.  Opposition is often found scratching their head in disbelief.  

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