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Aradhana’s Pacific Adventures with Crustaceans

Her name is Aradhana and she is a prospective 7th grader at the International School of Panama. Her most prevalent learned behavior during these initial months of Covid-19 has been “Science Curiosity”, be it in Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Zoology. We were pleasantly surprised when she was recognized as ISP’s “Most Independent Thinking Student in Grade 6”.

Meeting With Master

by Vanisha Uppal In the year 2010 I had an intense inner desire to read Bhagavad Gita. After reading it a couple of times, I realised that somehow, somewhere I was missing the point,...

Snake, Love and Sexuality

Ravindra Tripathi’s There are a lot of stories in Indian mythology and folklores where you find the snake or the serpent as sexual motif. Some modern plays  are also based upon it. For example...

‘The Park’ as a metaphor

Ravindra Tripathi’s Three benches for three – yet no space – a scene from ‘The Park’ The 13th Bharat Rang Mahotsva has started with fanfare. Although the city of Delhi is freezing with  severe...