Author: Gouri Nilakantan


The significance of props on stage

Andrew Sofer, in his book, “ The Stage life of Props” says that, “ the object must be seen as having a sign.” The stage props hence has a strong presence, sometimes as strong as the actor themselves.  As Felix Bossonnet sees the props they are much more than the physical presence they hold.  Props have to be read between the complex relationship between the actor the text and the audience.  It provides a complete whole experience of transmission of the audience into the world of the “ play or krida”.  As Sofer sees the distinctions between the props and the characters should become more and more blurred, it should be amalgamated as one whole.  The responsibility of this hence is not just within the text but by the directors as well as the actors.


Aksar baat karne ki kosish main Zubaan Khamosh kyu nahi reh jaata Kyu nahi gum main asoon nikalte nahi Kya duniya ki aagosh main yese sawaar hui ki angaar baraste hain asoon nahi Kya...

To be eternally lived

Her crumpled clothes still lies on her beloved bed Her uncombed stands of hair lying still They are not strands of shredded shrouds But create the wave of tumultuous lived lives of moments …of...