Captivating Acts and Compelling plays: Natsamrat’s Theater Extravaganza Leaves Mumbai Spellbound


Natsamrat staged four different plays at Creative Adda Auditorium, Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai where the plays were greatly appreciated by the audience.

The first play, “Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahein,” written by Ashish Kotwal, was performed on January 6th at 7:00 PM at the Creative Adda Auditorium, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai. The play revolves around two individuals, an elderly doctor, Dr. Anand, who has created a small world for himself through his profession, and a lively woman named Manasi, who enjoys life in her unique way. Despite their different perspectives on life, Dr. Anand has closed the doors to happiness, while Manasi, having endured her sorrows, strives to move forward and embrace life. The main actors, Vivek Sharma and Munmun, displayed a captivating chemistry on stage, alternating between witty banter and providing support to each other. The behind-the-scenes team, including director Shyam Kumar, lyrics by Rakesh Kodinya, Singer Ishan Tyagi, stage manager Sunil Rathore, stage properties by Suraj Singh, make-up by Payal Rani, costume by Chhobi Saha, Sound operated by Aman and other back stage team, contributed to the success of the play.

On January 6th at 8:15 PM, the second play, “Besahara Aurat,” written by Anton Chekhov and directed by Fareed Ahmed. The story, featuring Munmun in the lead role and Vivek Sharma as the bank manager, Assistant played by Jagbir Choudhary and Helper by Aman was filled with laughter and poignant moments. Stage Management by Vishwajeet, stage property by Lokesh, make-up by Raj Rani, Light Design by Natsamrat’s director Shyam Kumar. The play showcased the sweet and sour exchanges between the main characters, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Shyam Kumar, the director of Natsamrat, brought this beautiful play to the Mumbai audience.

As part of the “Fourth Mumbai Theatre Festival” by Natsamrat on January 9th, two plays were staged. The first play, based on Harishankar Parsai’s story titled “Nithalla,” adapted by Kuldeep Kunal & Directed by Nagender Kumar Sharma, was presented as a solo performance by own Nagender Kr. Sharma, receiving much appreciation from the audience. The story revolves around an idealistic person, Nithalla, who dedicates his life to selfless deeds, challenging the societal trend that recognizes only those who work for their own gain.

The second play, “Veer Savarkar,” written, enacted, and directed by Nagendra Kumar Sharma, depicted the journey of Savarkar in the struggle for independence. The emotional portrayal of Savarkar’s sacrifices left the audience moved. Both plays were presented with the support of Haryana Kala Parishad.

In conclusion, the “Fourth Mumbai Theatre Festival” organized by Natsamrat showcased a variety of plays, each leaving a distinct impact on the audience. The meticulous direction, powerful performances, and thoughtful themes made the festival a memorable experience for the Mumbai audience. Shyam Kumar, the director of Natsamrat, and the entire team received well-deserved appreciation for their efforts in bringing quality theatre to the city.

Shraboni Saha

Shraboni Saha

Shraboni Saha is a famous theater artist, anchor and dramatist who has been in the Theatre world for the last 20 years. She has performed almost 20 plays in different stages in the country and abroad and has received a lot of love from the audience. Your post graduation has been done in Natyashastra, M.A. has done in Hindi, M.A. in Mass Communication. You have obtained a diploma in classical music and you have enthralled the audience with your singing in many plays. You have worked with many veteran theater directors. Being engaged with the theater for so many years, she understand the plays very well. And that's why she reviews the plays very well. You have been associated with Stage Buzz, Gurgaon Today Newspaper and Delhi Upto Date Newspaper for many years and does theater reviews.

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