Play ‘Couples Shuffle’ Conveys Message to Audience with Laughter


The husband-wife relationship is considered to be the most sacred in the world. Love and trust bind both, but many times husband and wife quarrel by finding shortcomings in each other and a third takes advantage of it. Something similar was seen in Anuragna Theatre Group’s presentation “Couples Shuffle“, written and directed by Ashraf Ali. The play was performed on December 24 at Black Canvas, L.T.G. Auditorium, Mandi House, New Delhi-01.

Sharma ji (Chirag) house where he lives with his wife (Shruti Aastha) Chawla. There is always a tussle between the two over small things. Meanwhile, their neighbor Dubey (Bilal Khan) enters, who tries to take advantage of the conflict between those husband and wife and put a string on Shruti. Meanwhile, Maya (Manisha Sharma) enters. Sharma ji is very impressed by seeing Maya and tries to increase friendship. This dilemma goes on for a long time and finally it is revealed that Dubey and Maya are husband and wife, and they came to Sharma ji’s house to investigate them in search of the Best Couple Award in which both of them failed.

Amidst laughter, this play also gives a message to the audience that ‘husband and wife should never leave each other in any situation and should maintain trust in each other’. Chirag played his character well in the role of Sharma, as well as his wife Shruti’s character had many shades, which she succeeded in keeping in front of the audience. In the role of Dubey, Bilal Khan kept the entire drama tied with his acting and put many laughs in it, as well as the performance of Manisha Sharma in the role of Maya was also praise worthy.

Behind the stage were Goldie in the music, lighting was done by Manik Sharma, Kamal Negi was in the costumes and Ankit was in the stage material as well as Shamsher Khan and Avinash Tiwari in the set.

Shraboni Saha

Shraboni Saha

Shraboni Saha is a famous theater artist, anchor and dramatist who has been in the Theatre world for the last 20 years. She has performed almost 20 plays in different stages in the country and abroad and has received a lot of love from the audience. Your post graduation has been done in Natyashastra, M.A. has done in Hindi, M.A. in Mass Communication. You have obtained a diploma in classical music and you have enthralled the audience with your singing in many plays. You have worked with many veteran theater directors. Being engaged with the theater for so many years, she understand the plays very well. And that's why she reviews the plays very well. You have been associated with Stage Buzz, Gurgaon Today Newspaper and Delhi Upto Date Newspaper for many years and does theater reviews.

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