There was a Queen. She killed every 4th husband of hers. None knew the reason she spared 3 and killed the 4th one. One day, a mantri asked her the reason. The Queen replied, ” Every 4th MAN reminded me of my mother’s 4th husband who killed her. Mantri decided to stop the Queen. He brought a commoner for the Queen on her command to marry the 4th time after she killed her x 4th husband. She killed him. The mantri said, ” I consulted a sage. He said this man was the incarnation of your mother’s 4th husband. Now no longer is the need to kill anyone else.”

The atrocity stopped after that.

The commoner who was last killed was the chief of the Queen’s enemy who had encroached upon the territory to kill the Queen.

Since then every 4th day of the month, the people of the village offer 4 things to the Queen’s soul who happens to be their deity now and organize a festival in her memory.

It is that it is a day when everything 4 in number is honored. The fourth house, the fourth child, the fourth wife….and anything less than 4 is destroyed. Thus, those that have four houses, destroy the previous three, those that have three children, discard the 1st three and so goes with the wives. Three of them are divorced and 4th one remains.The Queen blesses this ritual. As she likes HONORING FOUR.


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Dr. Payal Trivedi

Dr. Payal Trivedi

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