Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV


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  • 8K Videos Support
  • Massive 85-inch display
  • Incredible brightness and colour
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Great local dimming and dark room performance

The Samsung Q900R is a high-end TV. It is the first 8k TV to enter the market and is currently just above Samsung’s 4k flagship, the Samsung Q90R. Though in the era where people are just starting to get the grip of 4K, we already have the world’s first 8K TV. In the US, it’s available in an 85-inch variant and soon will also be available in a new 98-inch variant.


Samsung’s new range of QLED 8K TVs will be priced at ₹ 10,99,900 and ₹ 16,99,900 for 75-inch (189 cm), and 82-inch (207 cm) variants respectively. Moreover, according to Samsung, it will also be soon available in 2 more sizes (65 and 98 inches) as well. This new 8K TV will also have approximately 4x the current resolution of 4K TV and 16 times the resolution of Full HD TV.


As far as its design, for all its astonishing, cutting-edge features, this TV isn’t much to look at in design terms, It’s just a thin dark frame wrapped around an 85-inch screen with a pair of king-sized feet tucked under each bottom corner. Furthermore, I am impressed as of how Samsung kept its design minimalistic by putting all its connection in a ‘One Connect’ Box that jacks into the TV via a single, surprisingly slender cable.


With more than 33 million pixels, Samsung QLED 8K Q950R gives you amazing pixel-less viewing experience. This also makes the picture performance so much sharper and looks much more detailed with sub-8K content. A big part of this achievement goes to its upscaling being even better than that of the Q900Rs. The upgraded 4K chip in the upscaling chain delivers a marked boost in sharpness and detail with all sub-8K sources. In other words, its upscaling abilities allows SD, FHD and 4K videos, bring closer to its near 8K resolution but also improve contrast and image quality at the same time. This all was made possible due to Samsung’s machine learning approach with an intelligent algorithm to learn the difference between edges and lines as well as handle movement and remove potential blur.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Samsung Q900 is decent. It can get fairly loud, which is good for most use cases and will deliver well-balanced dialogues. However, the TV lacks bass, so it won’t be able to produce any thump or punch. Though it delivers a wide soundstage, at least, and positions effects quite accurately within that soundstage. Notwithstanding the way, those effects always sound like they’re slightly behind the on-screen action. Therefore additional sound-bars will be highly recommended.

Overall at this point, this is the future of Television industry and perhaps at this point, there is still a long way to go for the people to afford this expensive technological product. However being optimistic, TVs do get cheaper over time so therefore we can see more competitors entering this market niche soon, which will be a win-win situation for all.

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