India needs more of Sonu Sood and Gautam Gambhir


By Sunil Sarpal

Their names should be revered with a lot of respect and gratitude as they are the Role Models in our society. 

Both resurrect the society where Administration fails in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities towards mankind, particularly down-trodden strata of society. 

During Covid time, when migrant workers were rendered homeless and hapless, Sonu Sood came to their rescue and provided them with suitable transport so that they could reach their homes safely.  In doing so, he had to deal with a high level of dignitaries to get permission to transport them from one state to another.  He turned out the messiah for the down-trodden then.

Sonu, by profession, is an actor and plays generally the role of a villain in South movies.  But for the above cause, he turned out to be a real hero in the public eye. 

Gautam Gambhir, an ex Indian Cricketer is another live example whose heart beats for the poor and down-trodden.  He is running 4-5 outlets where free food is supplied to the poor  of society.  He claims to have no such means to provide food but earn this money by playing competitive cricket. 

Society these days has turned selfish and self-centered.  They hardly think in terms of less privileged. 

Me and mine are the buzzwords.  . 

Human being sans humanity is in the blood of today’s man.  As a result, people keep fighting for petty issues. 

God provides money to fulfill our basic necessities i.e. ROTI, KAPRA, AND MAKAN. 

What is the difference between a human being and animal if the latter consumes animal food  We are human beings and humanity should be reflective in our persona i.e. in thought, action and reaction.  If not, we need to still improve upon otherwise we remain animals in human form.  If we remain animals in human form, what kind of society we are building.  What kind of heritage we are leaving behind for our next generation to step into. 

When will we improve upon even if people like Sonu Sood and Gautam Gambhir set unprecedented examples in front of us.  If we still do not improve upon,  we are cowards and ‘C’ class citizens of society. 

Even if we are rich and people just gather around us, of what use.  One of them will stab us on our back and run away with our false pride 

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