Instabili Vaganti


Founded in 2004 by Anna Dora Dorno and Nicola Pianzola, the company focuses on an experimental ongoing research in physical theatre and performing arts. Anna Dora Dorno works worldwide, producing performances and directing projects, collaborating with international artists, performers, musicians and video makers. Their poetic work is able to overcome the labels and the divisions between theatre, dance, visual arts, and to communicate strong, emotional, impacting messages. Their performances have been translated in 3 languages and presented in more than 20 countries in Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Latin America and Asia, winning several awards, including the nomination to the Total Theatre awards at the Edinburgh Fringe, and premiering in important festivals such as FIDAE in Uruguay, NLGX in Beijing, and 8th Theatre Olympics in India. Their methodology is valued and requested in many universities and academies all over the world.

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