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Celebrating 150 years of the Mahatma | Manohar Khushalani

Gandhi Ki Dilli at IIC, featured plays films and the festival was also replete with discussions on topics and ideas ranging from Sustainable Living, Sparrows to Gandhi’s favourite Bhajans and
even his nutritional philosophy expressed through a lunch curated by Pushpesh Pant, with unfamiliar cuisine, like Bajre ki Khichri, Methi ke Theple and many such minimalistic gourmet items

Arjun Deo Charan’s HIND SWARAJ

(Based on Mahatma Gandhi’s book) Adaptation & Director: Arjun Deo Charan Group: Rammat, Jodhpur Language: Hindi Duration: 1 hr 20 mins The Play & Director’s Note Why Hind Swaraj? Anybody can ask this question. Why...