Jaywardhan’s Play ‘Nirjan Karawas’ Launched


The play Nirjan Karawas, written by Jaywardhan, was launched on 2 March 2024 at 4:00 pm in Delhi.

JP Singh alias Jaiwardhan has received ‘Honorary Degree’ from Bharatendu Natya Academy, Lucknow. He is honored with the Akademi Award for the year 2007 for playwriting by Uttar Pradesh Sangeet Natak Akademi, Lucknow. He is an expert in acting, direction and lighting concept. He has written many famous plays, including ‘Urgent Meeting’, ‘Kissa Maujpur Ka’, ‘Kaalpurush’, ‘Hai! Handsome’, ‘Mayaram Ki Maya’, ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’, ‘Madhyaantar’, ‘Mastmoula’, ‘Daroga ji Chori Ho Gayi’, ‘Jaisa Tum Kaho’, ‘Akhir Ek Din’, ‘Karmaev Dharmah’, ‘Antataha ‘, ‘Gorakhdhandha’, ‘Gandhari’, ‘Khairatilal Ka Kursi Tantra’, ‘Paro’, ‘Ek Aur Meeting’ and ‘Babu Harishchand’. 15 plays written by him have been published, along with 6 of his children’s plays have also been published. He has also made an impressive drama adaptation of Munshi Premchand’s classic novel ‘Godaan’. Many of his plays have also been telecast on Doordarshan and All India Radio.

Padmashree Sh. Daya Prakash Sinha, Senior Dainik Jagran Journalist Shri Anant Vijay, Akhil Bharatiya Co-Treasurer Subodh Sharma, Senior playwright Sh. Pratap Sehgal, Senior Drama Critic Sh. Anil Goyal, Senior Theater Artist Sh. Avtar Sahni were the chief guests at the inauguration. Jaywardhan welcomed all the chief guests.  Pratap Sehgal, while praising his writing, was seen saying on some issues of the play that more pages of history could have been added to it. In response to this, Jaywardhan said that the play ‘Nirjan Karawas’ depicts the period of solitary confinement of Maharishi Aurobindo Ghosh, that is why only one incident has been discussed in detail in it, due to which the author focuses the attention of the readers on one place. All the chief guests said about his writing that just as he wrote comic plays, he also wrote on serious subjects, which touched the hearts of the readers. The special thing is that he is an actor as well as a director, so he writes the scenes of the story more beautifully. It was also said to him that despite being so busy, he is writing many plays, which are present in the library even today and the plays written by him are being played in every corner of India.

Senior Critic Sh. Diwan Singh Bajeli, Senior Writer Sh. Hari Suman Bisht, Senior Critic Sh. Sangam Pandey, Senior Drama Director Sh. Shyam Kumar, Senior Drama Director Vashishth Upadhyay, Senior Drama Director Sh. Bhupesh Joshi, Senior Drama Director Sh. Ravi Taneja etc. participated in the audience.

Shraboni Saha

Shraboni Saha

Shraboni Saha is a famous theater artist, anchor and dramatist who has been in the Theatre world for the last 20 years. She has performed almost 20 plays in different stages in the country and abroad and has received a lot of love from the audience. Your post graduation has been done in Natyashastra, M.A. has done in Hindi, M.A. in Mass Communication. You have obtained a diploma in classical music and you have enthralled the audience with your singing in many plays. You have worked with many veteran theater directors. Being engaged with the theater for so many years, she understand the plays very well. And that's why she reviews the plays very well. You have been associated with Stage Buzz, Gurgaon Today Newspaper and Delhi Upto Date Newspaper for many years and does theater reviews.

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