By Sunil Sarpal

Cricket is basically a game of young legs.  The best age for a cricketer is between 20 – 30 yrs.   During this time,  the legs are untiring, reflexes razor sharp, and enthusiasm of very high level.  The moment a mind starts giving a second thought or becomes pessimistic, it is better to throw  the towel.

Different pitches present  different skill set to batsman.  On pacy and bouncy wickets, the ball should be played with soft hands.

India has produced many a talented and crafty batsmen – from Gavaskar to Tendulkar and now Kohli.  They are known for their all-weather skills.  Their records speak volume of their unflinching approach to game and adaptability to different conditions.

There are two ways to play the game –  one calls for feet movement and reaching out to the pitch of the ball before it starts its variations and the other way is hand : eye coordination.  Our own Virender Sehwag was the live example of a hand-eye coordination player.

Generally, the game was played along with the ground but with the advent of shorter version of the game, one dayer and T-20, the shots often sails over the heads of fielders.  Innovation is the new age cricket.  Paddel shots, reverse sweep, scoop etc. and played over wicket keeper are very common these days.  Gavaskar used to play along the ground, Tendulkar along the ground and over the top, so also Kohli.  The shorter version has made all this possible.

India at the moment is thriving on the talent of Jaiswal and Gill.  Both are very talented and take the game of cricket to altogether different level, closing the doors for people like Pujara and Rahane.

India, at the moment has talent in abundance, as a result, people like Ishaan Kishan has no room in the Indian side even though he is young, talented and in-form wicket keeper batsman.  Unfortunately, politics too plays its crucial role in making or marring of  a career.

India also boasts of world class bowlers, both in pace and spin.  Bumrah, Siraj and Shami have all show-cased their impeccable impression on world stage with swing and pace,  leaving no room for Bhuvi – one time front line wreaker-in-chief.  Arshdeep and Mukesh Kr also making in-roads in the side from time to time.

Among spinners, Jadeja, Ashween and Kuldeep are the front runners, leaving no room for Chahal and Axar Patel for consideration.

The above set of players are all young, except for Ashween, and they are guided and goaded from time to time by the experienced pros like Kohli and Rohit.  Indian side shall be further bolstered with the return of recuperating Rishab Pant.

Being a cricket crazy country and with IPL providing astronomical money to players, the game will reach the level of West Indies team which was led by Clive Lloyd

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar Samar Choudhuri says:

    Good comments well elucidated. However, one very vital aspect has not been covered or even referred to in passing. AND THATS COACHING & PLAYER SELECTION. In these categories two cricketing giants have made landmark contributions without which Indian cricket wouldn’t be where it is today. Here, I refer to the brilliant and continuous growth and talent oriented efforts of RAHUL DRAVID and RAVI SHASTRI. They deserve Kudos on all fronts for their tireless dedication. Jai Hind!

    • Sunil sarpal Sunil sarpal says:

      Both Ravi and Dravid have made phenomenal contribution even during their playing days and now in coaching. Their contributions should always be applauded. They have been a engaged in the cause of Indian cricket, the world knows that. Shastri’s knowledge deserves more such administrative responsibilities.

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