CSK vs GT – a thrilling, nail-biting IPL final, down to the last ball


By Sunil Sarpal

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) led by MS Dhoni and Gujarat Titans (GT) led by Hardik Pandya were pitted against each other to play for IPL 2023 Final. The venue of the match was Ahmedabad but the match on Sunday was washed out due to incessant rain and re-scheduled for play on Monday.

It was a belter of a pitch but for initial seam movement that provided little spin.

Dhoni, after winning the toss elected to bowl first, considering that in the event of intervening rain, the contest shall be reduced in target and number of overs. It will benefit the team batting second. In the ultimate analysis his prediction proved right and CSK lifted the IPL 2023 trophy for the 5th time.

A few salient features emerged from the match. They are enumerated below :-

1) The stumping effected by Dhoni of in-form Shubham Gill off the bowling of Ravinder Jadeja was a mercurial work behind the stump. Mind you Gill notched up 3 centuries on the trot before this match. and was a hot favourite facilitating GT to lift the trophy.

2) For Gujarat Titans the stand-out performers with the bat were Sai Sudershan and Saha. They both batted brilliantly and posted a formidable total of 200 +.

3) With the intervention of, rain after the first inning, the contest was limited by a reduction in overs and scaling down of the target.

4) The relatively disappointing factor was that the match could not be decided in a 20-over contest.

5) Even though MS Dhoni was not fully fit and one of his knees not taking the rigorous of running between the wicket, he has not called it quit from IPL and shall appear in the next year’s IPL too for CSK.

In conclusion, as per the post tournament analysis, some of the batters have performed exceptionally well.

1) To start with, Shubham Gill has notched up three tons.

2) Followed by Virat Kohli who posted two back to back hundreds with a fifty.

3) Batters like Ishan Kishan, Nitish Rana, Rinku Singh and Surya Kr Yadav stole the show exhibiting T-20 style of shots. They redefined the game of cricket by introducing the formula – throwing caution to the wind.


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6 Responses

  1. Sunil+sarpal Sunil+sarpal says:

    Firstly pandya captaincy is work in progress. He will learn from his mistakes. Pandya’s strength is his batting which opposition has figured it out. Pandya should reinvent his game so that he is a step ahead from opposition. He also needs to create more variations. At this moment he is not a world class all-rounder. Kapil was much better in bowling.

  2. Avatar J.S.Gill says:

    Points 1 and 2 well written. However, in my opinion, Hardik Pandya lost the match for GT. Mohit Sharma had bowled 4 fantastic last over balls. Instead of letting him continue to do what he was doing so well, Hardik Pandya comes up to advise him how to bowl the next one. This probably made Sharma lose concentration and alter his original plan. It was unnecessary intervention. Cost GT the match.

  3. Avatar D K Sharma says:

    You have summarised it very well
    Wicket keeping by Dhoni still is remarkable
    Worth noting is fielding & fielders have given their utmost & taken Excellent catches. Good for CSK it won, but looked victory was gifted to them in last two balls for reasons only GT captain can tell sir

    • Sunil+sarpal Sunil+sarpal says:

      Firstly it was a match with reduction in no of overs as well target. Such a match is not a contest. It is like completing formality. Secondly dhoni looked old in appearance. If he is persisted with next year, when will youngsters get a chance to perform. Third and most important thing the pitch on final should should provide assistance to bowlers. Then the the contest is on.

    • Manohar Khushalani Admin says:

      Thanku Sir, for your appreciation. Keep responding. It encourages our columnists.

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