by Sunil Sarpal

Virat Kohli

As we approach the final today, in the on-going IPL season, Virat Kohli belted out back  to back centuries for his franchisee RCB.  Virat stole the show but unfortunately his team RCB could not even find a place in the play-offs.  Kohli leaves a solid impact on his followers with the kind of flourish seen in his knocks.  He plays conventional cricketing shots all over the park in a commanding fashion that bowlers are left clueless where to pitch the ball and where not.  

The behaviour of the pitch on which match is played plays a pivotal role in batting performance.  

    Indian pitches generally are spin friendly.  

    In Australia the bounce is waist high. 

    In England, the conditions provide more swing.  

    In New Zealand, there is more lift from the surface and swing too.

    In West Indies, the pitches provide low bounce and are on the slow side.  

A batsman needs to adjust to conditions first and plan which shot should be played and which not.  

Kohli with 76 International tons in his pocket in all formats has enormous experience and exposure to any given condition.  He therefore is the backbone of Indian batting and other just revolve around him.  Dislodging him therefore becomes next to impossible.  He stands tall among his contemporaries.  

People and his die-hard foes becomes so critical about his inclusion in the side when he goes thru patchy and lean periods.  They immediately write him off but Kohli has in him to bounce back with vengeance.  

Kohli proclaims; “As long as God so desires, I shall keep on playing for India.  

He is a modern-day iconic figure and others just want to emulate his work ethics.  

He stands tall among the legendary figures India has produced so far.  

If he remains fit and rarin-to-go,  he will set such high benchmarks that he will be hard to dislodge.

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Balindra Chopra says:

    Bad luck that his team couldn’t come upto his standards. But then …. cricket is a team game and so the TEAM lost!

    • Sunil+sarpal Sunil+sarpal says:

      Of course it is a team game but coach and franchisee have an important role to build a winning combo. RCB lacks on that front. Look at gujrat Titans they are formidable combo than RCB.

  2. Sunil+sarpal Sunil+sarpal says:

    A refreshing tribute to Kohli .

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