Is Cricket really a game of glorious uncertainties?


Can you recognise each of these iconic cricketers?

Cricket is a funny sport. Common belief is – it is a game of glorious uncertainties. If it is so then how come Sachin scored 100 International tons? He must have reached the pinnacle so as to deal with any bowler and topple him.

People always talk of Sachin because of his enormous achievements. They do not talk of Kambli who was more gifted but unlucky not to have ticked the right boxes. Poor chap could not linger his career. People do not talk of Martin Crow, who was perhaps the best, but abandoned his career because of cancer. People talk of Viv Richards who blossomed because of army of fast bowlers and batsmen in his support and an astute leader in Clive Lloyd.

But the lone warrior from India in 70s was none other than Sunil Gavaskar. He single-handedly dealt with enormous challenges all over the world. Virat Kohli was once hailed as Sachin’s successor. Sachin scored 100 International tons in all formats of the game as against 70 by Virat. Nobody has the right to question Virat’s talent and inconsistency. He has already established himself as a talent beyond imagination. At 33, he can still reinvent his batting. Dry period happened even in Sachin’s career but a phone call from Sir Viv Richards enthused a self-belief in him when Sachin was considering retirement from the game. Virat too needs motivational counselling and not criticism. It is Virat and only Virat who will salvage his position in the side.

Brian Lara, another legend of the game, opinionated that do not write off Virat. He will come back with much better player. There have been instances when players just fade away and come back becomes next to impossible. Because failure for a longer period of time leaves the person hapless and shaken. Lot of debate and criticism dent the self- belief. Media these days write stories which are ‘reader savvy’ without considering its ill-effects. He needs support from all quarters so that his blade shines once again.

Cricket has become a ‘junoon’ among the enthusiasts. Every now and then some class act appears from no-where and the show goes on and on.

Sunil Sarpal

Sunil Sarpal

Sunil Sarpal has journalism ebbed in his DNA because his late father was an English teacher. Being in secretarial function in his career, reading English language turned into a habit. While working with ICRIER where editorials and articles were dictated and this day-to-day routine prompted him to pen articles of his own ranging from subjects such as spiritual, cricket, political and general in nature. He is a Delhi University graduate.

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3 Responses

  1. Sunil Sarpal Sunil Sarpal says:

    Mr Zarar, your comments are absolutely right and describe the talent Ganguly possessed. If we talk about Rahul Dravid (wall), he too was a purist as a batsman. His batting was based on cricketing book. There are also some wonderful cricketer but they are short of what Kohli is in the process of achieving. Salute to Kohli that is why he is called king. In Australian language, it is ridiculous to be so consistent for such a longer time.

  2. Avatar S Zarar says:

    Superb article Sourav Ganguly too was a class act 1992 when he first arrived on scene at Australia he was nicknamed ‘ Maharaj’ for his poor fielding skills was ridiculed for his batting two years he was away then came The Sourav Ganguly now christened The God of Off Side today the Indian cricket aggressiveness is due to his approach and style after getting India to the pinnacle he was unceremoniously dropped but the fighter he is he came back on his own smashed more centuries at no 6 or 7 only and only to reassure his daughter that he is not a spent force
    Presently after basking in glory as a player he is leading India’s Cricketing world as an able administrator
    Salute to you Dada as profoundly remembered by fans like me

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