11th Natsamrat Awards, Stagebuzz Editor Manohar Khushalani and Theatre Director Feisal Alkazi honoured amongst others


Natsamrat is one of Delhi’s oldest and most consistent theatre groups. Since its inception in 1998, Natsamrat has presented 1265 shows of 35 renowned plays. Ably led by Actor, Director and Visionary Shyam Kumar, whose philosophy has really been not only to evolve his own group but also to create space for all other theatre groups which are battling heavy odds to survive in theatre. Thus 16 years ago, when Natsamrat was barely four years old, he started the Natsamrat Natya Utsav so that other theatre groups also get a platform to perform. Three years ago, again Natsamrat widened its landscape by starting a Natsamrat Mahavidyalaya Natya Utsav, a student theatre festival, providing a parallel platform for the upcoming theatre generation to evolve and grow. Thus despite limited resources, such a grand festival has evolved and grown. Natsamrat theatre festival thus begins with a bang on 6th March 2019 at 6.30 pm
On 9th March, at the same venue, Natsamrat will award the Thespians who have been supporting Theatre as Practitioners, on stage, off stage and as promoters and critics. The awards have been well established as these were started 11 years ago. This is the 11th edition of Natsamrat Theatre awards and are looked forward to as an acknowledgement to decades of creative efforts put into Theatre. The Awardees this year are:

11th Natsamrat Theatre Award (2019)

1. Best Director – K. Madavane
2. Best Actor – Mohit Tripathi
3. Best Actress – Mona Chawla
4. Best Writer – Danias Iqbal
5. Best Critic – Prof. Manohar Khushalani
6. Best in Back-Stage – Himanshu B. Joshi

7. Lifetime Achievement Award – Feisal Alkazi
8. Best Theatre Promoter – Lalit Jaiswal

Awardees in all previous years starting from the first are listed below

1st Natsamrat Theatre Award

1. Best Director – Lokendra Trivedi
2. Best Actor – Banwari Taneja
3. Best Actress – Suchitra Gupta
4. Best Writer – Dr. Narendra Mohan
5. Best Critic – Kavita Nagpal
6. Best in Back-Stage – Harish Kholia
7. Lifetime Achievement Award- Mohini Mathur

2nd Natsamrat Theatre Award

1. Best Director – Shekhar Vaishnavi
2. Best Actor – Govind Pandey
3. Best Actress – Harvinder Kaur
4. Best Writer – Rameshwar Prem
5. Best Critic – Jaidev Taneja
6. Best in Back-Stage – Amarjeet
7. Lifetime Achievement Award- Naima Upreti

3rd Natsamrat Theatre Award

1. Best Director – Arvind Gaur
2. Best Actor – Suman Vaidya
3. Best Actress – Bharti Sharma
4. Best Writer – Kusum Kumar
5. Best Critic – Diwan Singh Bajeli
6. Best in Back-Stage – Ramesh Manchanda
7. Lifetime Achievement Award- C.D.Sidhu

4th Natsamrat Theatre Award

1. Best Director – Bhanu Bharti
2. Best Actor – Sita Ram Singh
3. Best Actress – Hema Singh
4. Best Writer – Asgar Wajahat
5. Best Critic – Sangam Pandey
6. Best in Back-Stage – R.K.Dhingra
7. Lifetime Achievement Award- Reoti Sharan Sharma

5th Natsamrat Theatre Award

1. Best Director – Bapi Bose
2. Best Actor – Mahendra Mewati
3. Best Actress – Chitra Singh
4. Best Writer – Tripurari Sharma
5. Best Critic – Dr. Utpal K. Banerjee
6. Best in Back-Stage – Ved Pohoja
7. Lifetime Achievement Award- Sushma Seth

6th Natsamrat Theatre Award

1. Best Director – K.S.Rajendran
2. Best Actor – Ravi Taneja
3. Best Actress – Sohaila Kapur
4. Best Writer – J.P.Singh
5. Best Critic – Yograj Tandon
6. Best in Back-Stage – Kajal Ghosh
7. Lifetime Achievement Award- Arun Kukureja

7th Natsamrat Theatre Award

1. Best Writer – Smt. Meera Kant
2. Best Director – Sh. Satish Anand
3. Best Actor – Danish Iqbal
4. Best Actress – Dakshina Sharma
5. Best Critics – Satyendra Kr. Taneja
6. Best in Back-Stage – Raghav Prakash Mishra
7. Lifetime Achievement Award – Smt. Salima Raza

8th Natsamrat Theatre Award

1. Best Writer – Suman Kumar
2. Best Director – Prakash Bhatiya
3. Best Actor – Suresh Sharma
4. Best Actress – Anamika Tiwari
5. Best Critics – Ravindra Tripathi
6. Best in Back-Stage – Moti Lal Khare
7. Lifetime Achievement Award – Rama Shankar Nishesh
8. Best Theatre Promoter – Tapan Sen Gupta

9th Natsamrat Theatre Award

1. Best Writer – Pratap Sehgal
2. Best Director – Avtar Sahni
3. Best Actor – Tikam Joshi
4. Best Actress – Anu Jaitle
5. Best Critics – Manjari Srivastava
6. Best in Back-Stage – Gautam Bhattacharya
7. Lifetime Achievement Award – Aziz Qreshi
8. Best Theatre Promoter – Gyantosh Kumar Jha

10th Natsamrat Theatre Award

1. Best Writer – Ashok Lal
2. Best Director – Surender Sharma
3. Best Actor – Amitabh Srivastava
4. Best Actress – Sajida
5. Best Critics – Mahesh Anand
6. Best in Back-Stage (Music) – Anil Mishra
7. Lifetime Achievement Award – Kusum Haidar
8. Best Theatre Promoter – Vishav Deepak Trikha

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