RAKSH by Daood Hussain


The Play

Ravana, after completing his education, returns home only to find out how King of Devas (Indra), who resides in Devlok (present Iran), is suppressing Danavas and other small communities. Although he doesn’t want to become the king of Lanka because his elder brother Kuber is already on the throne, but after getting encouraged by his mother and Sumbhali (His mother’s father & and former king of Lanka) he is convinced to become the king. But before that, he travels all over Lanka and defeats all the other kingdoms to preach out the religion of Raksh i.e. defence and equality. After the victory he returns to Lanka to claim the throne. One day Tadka, wife of Sund, comes to Ravana’s court, seeking for help as their kingdom is under attack from Devas and Aryas. Ravana decides to help her and goes to the battlefield where he confronts King Dashrath. During the fight King Dashrath gets hurt by Ravana’s arrows. As Ravana approaches to kill Dashrath, Kaikayi (Dashrath’s wife), comes in between and saves him. Through this battle Ravana warns Devas not to attack on Lanka ever again, or they will have to face Lankeshwar.


Director’s Note

Raksh is an effort to revive the story of Ravana in a different perspective.

According to me it was important to show it in a new form in respect of set or costumes.

Idea of the play moves around the idea of human supremacy, hierarchy, believe/disbelief, love, compassion and every other qualities. The word Raksh deals with the idea of ‘raksh sanskriti’ in which Ravana is combining different types of community, tribal civilization etc. to form a new and better community. For him there is nothing like superior or inferior, everyone is equal and devotees of Shiva.

Making this production entertaining has also been a major consideration while working on it.


The Director

Daood Hussain was born on 17th February 1989 in Nainital, Uttrakhand. He started participating in theatre from a very young age under the guidance of his father in a theatre group Yug Manch, acting in several plays. After that he directed few skits, plays like Anton Chekhov’s Girgit, Andher Nagri, A Day in a School (Self Written) etc.
He has also been active in town’s music band and is known for his music videos and continuous participation in musical programmes and theatre. He graduated from National School of Drama in the year 2017 and is currently working as a freelancer, organising workshops in several cities and working as a technician with various groups.      


The Group

This play is being presented as a part of national school of drama’s graduate showcase (class of 2017), which aims to provide a platform for emerging theatre practitioners, allowing them to share their work with a wider audience.   

Cast & Credits

Ravan:                     E.Vivek/ Aamir Mallik

Sumali:                    Rohit Jain

Prahast:                   Aamir Mallik/ Mani Thapar

Sund:                       Manohar Pandey

Vritri, Ilbal,
Vibhishan:              Parmanand Budhania

Vatapi:                    Jeetandra Rajput

Vaishnava:             Mahadev Singh Lakhawat / Chandan Kumar

Pishach:                  Sagnik Human

Mandodari:             Rukmini Sircar

Hema:                     Shweta Rani H.K, Babi Baruah, Jeena Baishya

Kekasi:                    Jina Baishya

Shuparnkha:            Shweta Rani H.K

Tadka:                     Babi Baruah



Indra:                           Gagan Shrivastava

Kuber:                         Niranjan Naath

Dasrath:                       Pallav Singh

Dushyant:                    Somnaath Chatterjee/ Bhupendra Jadawat

Vishwaroopa:              Pallav Singh

Kauberi, Shakuntala:   Meenakshi Thapa

Indrani, Dancer:            Goge Bam

Kekai:                           Rachna Gupta



Costume:            Sweety Ruhel

Lights:                Ujjwal Kumar

Sound:                Ajay Khatri

Props:                 Mani Thapar

Drums, Vocal:    Vikesh Bisht

Guitar:                Nirmal Khatri

Guitar:                Lanuakam

Nagada, Vocal:  Daood Hussain

Thanks to Rohit Jain, Devendra Ahirwar.


Design and Direction – Daood Hussain



Spring Dale Compound,

Near GGIC College

Tallital, Nainital


M: +91 9643751557

E: daoodhussainmusic@gmail.com

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