Coming up @ Studio Safdar in February ’18


February 22, 23. Thur, Fri. 1:30 pm.
Mandala – The Magic Circle presents Akkarmashi based on Sharankumar Limbale’s autobiography with the same name.
It is a touching story of an illegitimate child born out of an unconventional and socially immoral relationship between a man and a woman.
In the story the writer tries to establish his identity by not just clinging on to his mother for support but also questioning the entire social system which perpetuates oppression and discrimination.
The author has beautifully woven the words to bring out the suppressed anger, inferiority complex and anguish of the illegitimate child in the context of present social set up and caste system. 60 min. Hindi.

February 25. Sun. 6:30 pm.
India Foundation for the Arts invites you to The Goddess and Her Lieutenant. A presentation of research on the Poothan Thira ritual performance in North Kerala by Sarita Sundar.
The Poothan Thira is traditionally performed during Velas or Poorams—festivals associated with temples, which also act as contact zones where cultures meet and clash. The performance ritual is believed to cleanse and purify villages and towns of evil spirits. The performers dress up as Poothan,the lieutenant of Shiva, and Thira, the goddess Kali. Based on conversations with community members, artists and spectators, Sarita will discuss the creation of biographies of ten objects related to this form, within the larger context of museums and understandings of heritage, knowledge, and cultural agency in India.
Sarita Sundar is a Graphic Artist and Researcher and is presently involved in research and writing on heritage, popular and visual culture and design theory.

Studio Safdar
Advisory: Avoid driving. Finding parking is tough, particularly on Saturdays and Mondays. If car unavoidable, park at Shadipur Metro Station’s parking.
Metro: Shadipur on BLUE line
Directions: Shadipur metro – Satyam Cinema (now Inox) – cycle ricksha – ‘Biyaasi number’ – May Day next to Rahmat Medical Store.
📞: 9818386114

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