3 Steps To Jump Start Your Career by Sharon Moist



One of the challenges most of my clients face at some point in their life is the challenge of trying to reignite their careers – especially when business is slow or they’re not getting auditions. When that happens, I take them through a Three-Step Jumpstart Process to get them back on the road to success.

If you feel like you need to stir up your own career, then here’s how to get started:

  1. Get a Clear Vision
    The most important thing you can do, in jumpstarting your career, is to get a very clear vision of your end goal.When Barack Obama started working in politics, he created a very clear vision for himself, and his life, and he knew he wanted to accomplish something BIG.

    Eight years ago, however, his road to success was paved with complete and utter humiliation. With an empty bank account; his credit card rejected by the rental car company and no political clout (having just lost a congressional primary in his hometown of Chicago), Mr. Obama also failed to get a floor pass at the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles, and ended up watching the proceedings on a big screen TV in a car park, before flying home with his tail between his legs.

    Eight years later, in Denver, Colorado, Barack Obama WAS the Democratic Convention, and five months after that, Mr. Obama was elected to the highest office in this country: President of the United States.

  2. Commit to Your Vision
    Once you have your vision, the next step on the road to success is to commit to it completely.Walt Disney loved animation and spent three years working on the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

    Unfortunately, his $500,000 budget for the film was beyond comprehension at that time (1930’s). Additionally, during filming Mr. Disney ran way over budget and needed another $500,000 to finish the project, creating a final budget of $1,000,000 at a time when the budget for the average cartoon was $10,000.

    However, Walt Disney was completely committed to finishing Snow White, and in order to get the additional financing he needed, he ended up presenting his project (including acting out the entire story) to a tough-minded banker, and got his loan.

    The result of his commitment was a classic film, for people of all ages, which grossed $8,000,000 at a time when the price for going to the movies was 25 cents for adults and 10 cents for kids. And that was only the beginning.

  3. Take Action on Your Vision
    The third step on your road to success is to take action on your vision, because a vision without action is only a dream.One of Britain’s most well known entrepreneurs is Sir Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin group of companies. His road to success started after he dropped out of school at age 15. Diagnosed with dyslexia, at age 16 Mr. Branson embarked upon his first entrepreneurial venture by publishing a student magazine, entitled Student.
    In December of 1999, Richard Branson became Sir Richard Branson when he was awarded a knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II, in the Queen’s Millennium Honors List, for “services to entrepreneurship”.

    Since that time, Richard Branson has expanded the Virgin brand to now include more than 200 entertainment, media and travel companies, thereby creating one of the most recognizable companies around the world

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