Vijay Tendulakar’s ‘Please Mat Jao’ Directed by Anoop Joshi ‘Bunty’


Please mat jaao



The unassuming but intelligent beloved who has been deserted by a man for a rich girl, is leading a listless life. After some years the same boy after divorcing the rich girl returns to her and proposes to start afresh.  But when he realizes that she is still in bad shape, he rejects her again and leaves her.

After some years he lands in red light area while looking for a mechanic for his broken car.  He meets a girl there who claims to be rural girl and gentle lady.  She requests him to save her and provide shelter for one night.  He agrees and brings her home.  Soon he falls for her.  But next morning the girl reveals her true identity as a prostitute and tells him that she just wanted to experience how homely life feels, rejects him and goes away.

About The Director

Born on 23rd Nov.1988, in Bhopal, Anup Joshi is one of such theater practioner who has been active continuously. A science graduate and multi dimensional creative person Anup has been an actor, director and trainer.   He has worked with many renowned theatre directors. His plays include Mukti Doot, Mona Lisa ki Muskan, Arth dosh, Kashmir Sawal I Swapna Sahit.  He has acted in more than 40 plays Ghasiram Kotwal, Malvikaagnimitra, Parindo Ki Sabha, Janmajay ka Nagyagya, To Sam Purush Na Mo Sam Nari etc.  He has also acted in as many film and T.V. Productions and He was awarded as the best actor by Iftikhar Memorial Theater Committee in 1994-95