R.K. Leingaklembi’s ‘Basket of Dolls’ Directed by Oasis Sougaijam



It is for children to play with dolls. In this play a girl Luwangbi and her friend play with their dolls called Thoinu and Luwangba. The play reflects the culture, politics and violence against women of the region. The dolls enact an old story which was a conspiracy hatched between the Burmese army and prince Koirengba who forcibly wants to marry a beautiful married woman called Thoinu. Luwangba, Thoinu’s husband who is the protagonist of the play dies heroically and honorably in the battle. Their small son is buried alive in order to check the overflowing water in the spate of flood. The masquerade gang of Koringba is unable to preserve the chastity of Thoinu. The play shows the courage and patriotism of the Meitei women (Manipuri women). It concludes metaphorically with a belief that if the dolls are not properly kept in their place, they appear in dreams, crying and weeping.

About The Director

Oasis Sougaijam has worked with different theatre directors and choreographers. He has been trained in Manipuri Martial Arts for five years under the guidance of Chingtham Ranjit and also in Manipuri folk dance under the guidance of Nameirakpam Tiken Singh.

He graduated from National School of Drama (NSD) in 2014 with the specialization in Theatre Techniques & Design. During the course of National School of Drama he assisted prominent theatre directors of India and abroad.