‘Nakal’ Directed by Tarsem Chand Kalehri



Ghanauri NakaliyeThe age old art of Nakal, full of satire and humour, is a native art of some of the tribes, which are performing this since generations. Nakal literally means copying this is a type of ballad or play, which includes singing, music, dance, dialogue and acting.

Nakal presents any historical or social event or evil in the form of a ballad on the stage, full or humour and satire, which along with entertaining the audience, gives a message too. Nakkals are known for their wit of performing extempore when required.

About The Director

Tarsem Chand Kalehri is the Director of Kalehri Art & Culture Academy, Mansa (Punjab)- India. He has contributed as a folk artist and trainer in national & international cultural spectacles organised by Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Govt. of india. He has worked in plays on television and stage. He is a trainer for Jhumar & Luddi (Folk dances of Punjab) under Guru- Shishya Parampara Sponsored By N.Z.C.C. (Ministery of Culture, Govt. of India) for last 36 Years. He also teaches Bhangra, Dhamal, Malwai Giddha, Jindua & Harvest Dance. He provides training for folk dance and dance drama in schools, colleges and institutions.