Kusha Puttalika Directed By Asit Basu


Kusha Putlika


The play titled Kusha Puttalika (The Effigy) is about the fathomless complexity of the psyche, epitomized in the character of the protagonist Jai Chandra Prakash. Despite being a Cambridge Wrangler, very well-read, modern and a sophisticated industrial tycoon, Jai Chandra cannot free himself from the blindness of religious fundamentalism and the power of irrationality. Caught in a complex web of faith, greed and lust the protagonist epitomizes the crisis that many modern educated Indians face in contemporary times.

Apart from the content, the structure of the play is also quite striking. Jai Chandra, when speaking to his psychiatrist brings out several layers of his sub-conscious mind. He also returns intermittently to the present. This interplay of the past and the present occurs seamlessly and naturally.


About The Director

Asit Basu is an eminent writer, designer, director, actor and producer who has been associated with stage, TV,film and ‘Jatra’ for a long time. He has worked as the Chief Assistant Director and Leading Actor  under the Late Maestro  Utpal Dutt. He has written and directed several street-plays and videos for various Ministries. He is a frequent contributor to many prestigious Theatre journals like: Paschim Banga Natya Academi Patrika, Natyachinta, Gananatya Patrika, Group Theatre Patrika, Anandaloke, Anandabazar Patrika, etc. Basu worked as the Circulation Manager of ‘Epic Theatre and bears the title of Founder Faculty for Acting at National Institute of Film and Fine Arts’,Kolkata.