‘Ghazab Teri Adaa’ Written & Directed by Prof. Waman Kendre



Ghazab Teri Adaa is inspired by Aristophanes’ Lysistrata. The action of the play takes place in an imaginary time and place. It revolves around the never ending aspiration for the expansion of kingdom and is a constant battle for the continuous fights in the battle field. The groups of performers make the king aware about the future of the war. The fearful king rejects to see and understand the situation. All the women, with fear and pain get together to stop the war under the leadership of Laya. They think of various alternatives to stop the war and finally decide that they will not allow their husbands to maintain any physical contact with them until the war stops. The violence-appreciating king and his war-loving soldiers break down in front of this unique, peaceful and non-violent protest by the women.


About The Director

Prof. Waman Kendre is the Director of National School of Drama.  Earlier he served as Professor and Director, Academy of Theatre Arts, University of Mumbai. His plays have participated in innumerable national and international festivals, and he has written, adapted and directed many plays, has conducted workshops on varying aspects of theatre   Known for doing  theatre that is innovative and meaningful, and for his sensitivity towards social, cultural and political issues.  Prof. Kendre has turned theatre into a potent platform for projecting his concern for the suffering of those sections of society that are often ignored and rarely talked about.

Much awarded Prof. Kendre received the Sangeet Natak Academi award in the year 2012 , the first Manohar Singh Smriti Puraskar in 2004 for outstanding multifaceted contribution to the field of theatre arts The Mumbai Marathi Granth Sangrahalaya  award 1989,  Natya Gaurav puraskar 1989, 1996, 1997, 1999,  Sahyog foundation award 1999. Marathwada Gaurav Award 2002 and Padmshri Daya Pawar Smriti puraskar 2007, to mention just a few.