Ashadhatil Ek Diwas By Atul Pethe


Ashadhatil Ek Divas

Ashadhatil Ek Diwas is a Marathi translation of Mohan Rakesh’s celebrated Hindi plays Ashadh Ka Ek Din. The play is about Kalidas, the poet extraordinaire, and his beloved Mallika.

First act sees Kalidas, residing in a small village in Uttar Pradesh. Emperor Chandragupta invites him to Ujjain to be his court poet. Kalidas is in a quandary – torn between his love for his village and Mallika; and the grand opportunity to be at the King’s court. Mallika prods Kalidas to go to Ujjain to prove his mettle as a poet. She continues to live in the village with her mother Ambika. In the second act we see Kalidas is now married to the daughter of the king while Mallika is waiting for him to return. By sheer coincidence, on his way to Kashmir to take charge of governance there, Kalidas and his wife Priyangumanjiri land in his village. She is pining to see Kalidas’ village – and his lady love Mallika in particular.The third act sees dramatic twists in the lives of Kalidas, Mallika and Vilom.

The questions posed in the play are still relevant. It goes on to prove that the classics are never tied to any region, language or even period.  Such literature transcends all such boundaries and poses the fundamental issues faced by the mankind.  This play is no exception.  The three acts of the play are akin to a leisurely musical composition in a slow tempo – a vilambit khyal! Delicately weaved, the structure of the play is immaculate. The language is lyrical and soft.

About The Director
Atul Pethe is a director, actor and writer. He directed Waiting for Godot, Premachi Goshta, Surya Pahilela Manoos, Ujalalya Disha, Anandowari Chowk, Golayug, Mi…Mazyashi,Dalpatsigh Yeti Gava, and Satyashodhak. Ashadhatil Ek Divas got wide appreciation from audience and critics. Most of them were also participated in national and international theatre festivals. The politically, socially and contemporary themes of the plays made them relevant. Pethe is a documentary film maker and his films on Vijay Tendulkar and Satish Alekar proved very important evaluation of these stalwarts.