By Sunil Sarpal

Cricket is such a beautiful sport that it occupies a permanent place in the heart of its die -hard follower.  But, of late, the game has lost its character dramatically with the advent of shorter versions of the game.  This  version is just like eating fast food.  As food in its proper form when consumed fulfills the appetite of a person and fast food, on the other hand,  just fills the tummy.  The same way, those astute followers of the game who have tasted the five day version do not enjoy one bit of  this slam bang type of cricket and boredom envelops them instantly. 

The real tussle between bat and ball is what it calls the real test of a cricketer.

The followers have witnessed how West Indies’  4-pronged fast bowling attack was up against Sunil Manohar Gavaskar.   His defiance, air-tight defense and restrained attack was the hallmark of a batting genius.  The West Indies attack was relentless, one after the other,  hitting the deck hard and targeting Gavaskar’s scalp protected head.  Gavaskar was always found up to the task.  His perseverance,  determination and unflinching application, what to play and what not to.    It was a sight to capture.

Now, it seems the game has lost its character and truth-fullness. 

You bowl and I hit is the mantra in vogue.  If I am able to hit it is my luck and if not it is yours. 

During those days,  till such time if the ball does not start hitting the sweet spot of the willow,  the batsman would not unleash his strokes  Neither the aeriel route was preferred over ground shots.  Nowadays,  the trend has changed. 

Players are desperate to play IPL because it has become a money spinning wheel.  They earn money in crores, just playing one season of IPL consisting of 2 months tournament in a calendar year. 

The shorter version first came into force when Kerry Packer introduced night cricket under flood light.

Nowadays money plays a pivotal role in a shorter version of the game and this  has resulted in the cricket to a PYJAMA CRICKET. 

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar PL.Narasimham says:

    . Very interesting, Sunil Sarpal, this display of ‘Pyjama Cricket’ by some of its stalwarts.
    . I couldn’t agree more on your very salient observations on this current ‘money-spinning’ game called ‘cricket’ – which I feel, is a gross injustice and even – an insult – to the original brand of the game…
    . Alas! Who, the likes of me – is any longer interested in who is a mightier crore-pati in the current reckoning than…who is a ‘Master Batsman’ or a ‘Master Bowler’ or a ‘Master Fielder’ ?
    . I am truly missing the Five-days-fun-&-excitement of the by-gone Cricket that I loved to the core, many a time in the past…!
    . How I, again, love recalling the fabulous names of Pankaj Roy, Manjrekar, Vinoo Mankad, Jaisimha, The NoP – yes Pataudi, Kapil Dev, the Amarnaths, Farukh Engineer, Kirmani, BSBedi – apart from Sunil Gavaskar…and the like…among the Indian lots, just to recall a few…!
    . No, sorry, I am not for the money-spinning cricket, anymore.
    . I prefer the real ‘spin’ of the ball from a truly competent hand and the ‘sixer’ that is elevated to a distant sky by a truly competent ‘Master Blaster’ that provided the real fun-and-excitement on an equally worthy pitch!
    . Pray, someone give back to me the charm of old cricket!😥

  2. Sunil sarpal Sunil sarpal says:

    No comments why

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