Sunil Grover, the outrageously, irrepressible match to Kapil Sharma


By Sunil Sarpal

Sunil Grover is the most versatile comedian to have graced The Kapil Sharma Show.  There is a Hindi song which depicts his aura:


When he is on view, all other actors hide behind him.  The eyes are glued to him till the time he departs. 

He brings about such a charismatic approach that his aura becomes larger than life.  On the Kapil Sharma Show, the most revered actor was Sunil Grover.  In his presence, sometimes, even Kapil Sharma took a back seat. 

How a meaningless spat between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, on a flight back from Australia resulted in Sunil withdrawing from the show.  His absence from the show was then felt by the audience.  His replacement, Krushna, was nowhere near a match to his talent. 

On the Kapil Sharma show, Sunil first played the character of Guthi and then Dr Mashoor Gulati.  His portrayal of both the characters was unique and audience realised his comic potential.  His acting brings in new flavour to the audience.  His sense of comic timing, dialogue delivery, attire and the pregnant pauses that he takes, before delivering the punch line, makes him a very special comedian.  He simply tickles the funny bone of the audience.  Sunil has portrayed the characters of Amitabh Bachchan,  Kapil Dev, and Sidhu with distinction.  He also played many a characters with a style of his own and left the audience in splits.  Sunil is also capable of copying the voice patterns of a number of actors.  He is simply a gifted pro. 

When Amitabh Bachchan was first launched as an actor, he was tagged as an Angry Young Man.  The writers then used to write scripts to suit his image and movies were made where Amitabh invariably played the character of the Angry Man.  Amitabh’s success story on big screen was possible with his  image.   Similarly, now scripts have to be written keeping in mind Sunil Grover as a comedy actor.  His extra ordinary comedy skills could be given further boost so that Sunil’s potential is harnessed fully. Watch one more of his charades below:

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5 Responses

  1. Sunil sarpal Sunil sarpal says:

    Thanks for your comments. Both Kapil and Sunil are on the same page after patch up.

  2. Avatar PL.Narasimham says:

    Wow! Am I missing so much of fun? Na baba…naa…nahiiinre….nahiiiiinnnn….nahiiiiinnnn.. aur…kabhie nahiiinnn…No we can’ t afford to miss Sunil Grover…! Dil maange more of ‘Gro-Ver’ ‘s version of comedy!.

  3. Avatar Devender Kumar says:

    Good Article
    Why efforts not made by the Industry for patch up between the two to give Indian viewers best of both worlds

    • Manohar Khushalani Admin says:

      There has been a patch up. They have made a film together it’ was released on Netflix and it’s promo video has been posted in the article

  4. Avatar Ashok Sarin says:

    No can beat Sunil Grover. He is a versatile comedian. His absence is felt in Kapil Sharma’s show.

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