By Sunil Sarpal

God comes to bat for India at No. 4, said Mathew Hayden for Sachin Tendulkar

Sometimes somebody’s achievements surpass all records and record books. That person becomes immortal during lifetime.

Be it Sachin Tendulkar in Cricket

or Mike Tyson in Boxing

or Maradona in Football

They are living legends in their chosen sport. Though they have retired from their sport, but they are remembered with ‘awe’ coming from the heart.

They are simply human being like others but they have ‘Gift of the Gall from God’. Otherwise, they would not have achieved what they did. Their names are written with Golden letters. They always receive Red Carpet Welcome. Stadiums (stands) are named as Sachin Tendulkar Stand. Academies are run on their names.

People chant their names and worship for their success.

West Indies legend Brian Lara has named his son as Sachin.

In football, Maradona beat all defenders single-handedly and scored too a goal in a World Cup match.

Mike Tyson’s ability to knock down any boxer with one strike in any International match. Absolutely unbelievable feat.

They lived, they ruled and they scripted the history books. In fact, they have re-written the history books. Their brilliance in their craft left the game gasping for breath. They took the game to altogether different and unexplored height and level.

Sachin Tendulkar from the sound of ball hitting his bat, could determine whether he is in-form or not.

God has created man in his own image but some of them over-whelmingly different and unique from the rest.


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