Casting Call for Female Lead


Production of an international play ‘Melbourne Talam’

Rashma N. Kalsie

Rashma N. Kalsie

Rashma N. Kalsie is a published author and playwright based in Australia and India. Rashma’s works include the plays Padma Shri Prahasana (IGNCA Delhi, JNU Delhi, Cyber Hub Gurgaon, India Habitat Center Delhi), Melbourne Talam (MTC Education Season 2017, MTC NEON Readings 2015, MTC Cybec Electric Festival, 2016), The Lost Dog (Walker Gallery & Arts Centre 2012 and 2014), The Perfect Matrimonial Alliance (Published Sep 2020 Issue/ Mumbai Theatre Guide One-Act Plays Shortlist 2014), Love in the Eighties ( 2015) and Meri Script Hai Kahan (FICCI Auditorium 2003); the novels Ohh! Gods are Online (Srishti Publishers & Distributors 2013) and The Buddha and the Bitch (Hay House Publishers 2018); over 100 scripts for TV shows with B.A.G. Films and News and Entertainment Television: the articles/short fiction published at,,, and and in magazines - Manushi, Woman’s Era. Awards, Nominations, Grants: Green Room Awards Nomination for Writing 2018 (Melbourne Talam), Indic Academy Grant for Women Scholars 2018 (Padma Shri Prahasana), IGNCA Grants (Padma Shri Prahasana), Grants from Council City of Greater Dandenong 2012, 2014 Melbourne Theater Company’s production of Melbourne Talam (Dir Petra Kalive) won VCE Drama Victoria Award for the best performance 2017 and 5 Green Room Award Nominations 2018 Rashma has studied Screenwriting from University of Toronto (School of Continuing Studies). Currently she is writing new plays using Natyashastra principles under the guidance of Dr. Bharat Gupt.

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